KettleFit has a high intensity style, carefully choreographed movements and, most importantly, adopts the use of a kettlebell. All these factors combine to ensure that each and every track is sure to provide participants with what they want from their workout.

The workouts have so many benefits meaning that no matter what an individuals goals are, KettleFit will help to obtain them. Whether its fat loss, toning muscle, improving cardio ability or increasing strength… KettleFit will absolutely push you in the right direction.

Watch our KettleFit instructors as they demonstrate our tracks or simply listen and work alongside the audio. Each workout is easy to instruct and enjoyable yet challenging to partake in. Become KettleFit qualified and make it a workout that you provide!



If you are an instructor, then KettleFit is an ideal workout to provide for your class. It provides the ease of a pre-choreographed track while giving your class a challenging but effective workout. Classes are a firm favourite within the gyms where it has a place on the timetable. 


Tracks are designed to be fast and require minimal space. By doing so, users are able to complete workouts even when living a busy lifestyle. Designed by individuals who know the issue all too well, KettleFit removes the popular objection of lack of time.


Have a look at our transformations and read our testimonials. Hear it from the people who have had the benefits of the KettleFit workouts. Join the countless others who have obtained the results they wanted.